One of the best ways to make your smile perfect is to consider veneers/crowns. Three common types to choose from are E-Max Veneers and Zirconium crowns and Porcelain Crowns.

Generally, crowns are considered necessary since they are used to cover or replace a damaged or missing tooth. On the other hand, veneers are usually a cosmetic choice. Each has its characteristics, appearance, and benefits. Let’s examine them:

Although traditional porcelain crowns are a great choice for those looking for a cost-effective solution, they do come with several drawbacks including discoloration, possible allergic reactions, and the need for an additional metal frame to support them.

If strength is the basis of your choice, both materials are highly durable. Generally, zirconium is a stronger material, as compared to E-max veneers, also known as lithium silicate. Zirconium crowns can withstand extreme pressure without chipping, cracking, or breaking and they can do it for decades! This makes zirconium crowns an ideal choice for your molars. Moreover, Zirconium is the better option when is required a restoration of a darker tooth located underneath because it does not allow a lot of light to shine through.

When it comes to the natural look, E-max veneers step forward. Their natural translucency adds an extra level of depth to their natural appearance, allowing them to look just like a real tooth even from up close. You don’t have to worry about their durability, either, as e-max veneers are still incredibly durable. Plus, veneers placed on your front teeth don’t need the extra durability of zirconium crowns because they don’t experience the same chewing pressure as molars. So they’re an ideal solution for your front teeth. When they’re taken care of properly, they have the potential to last decades.

The advantage that an E-max veneer has over zirconium is its translucency. The range of shades available for E-max veneers is more as compared to a zirconium crown. If you prefer a more natural appeal, e-max veneers have better light transmission, translucency, and outstanding aesthetics.

The best way to fully meet your needs is for our dental experts to take a tailored approach to you. After all, nothing will boost up your confidence as much as a dazzling and confident smile! To create a perfect smile, contact us now.