There are several Hair Transplant techniques that have been used in the field. They all have different procedures and processes. Three advanced techniques have been mainly used; FUE, DHI, and Stem Cell hair loss treatments. After deciding on having a Hair Transplant, choosing a technique for the transplant can be confusing. There are some differences between the techniques that you should know to understand which one is the best for you.

One of the most common Hair Transplant techniques is the FUE Technique. Fue Technique is rather older than the DHI and the Sem Cell techniques, but it is very effective. In the FUE Technique, the doctor harvests the healthy hair follicles from the donor area, which is usually the back of your scalp. Then he opens the channels on the area where the follicles will be grafted, and finally, he grafts them. This operation takes six to eight hours, and after that, you may leave the clinic. The FUE technique is more suitable for people who have large bald areas since the technique is mainly for large area graftings. If you follow your doctor’s instructions very well, your transplanted hairs can be permanent. 

Another technique used in Hair Transplant is the DHI Technique. This technique is a developed version of the FUE Technique. The difference between them is that in FUE Technique, the doctor spends time to open channels to graft the follicles. However, in the DHI Technique, special pens called CHOI PEN are used to open the channels and graft the follicles simultaneously. The DHI Technique is mainly to increase the density of the hair, and it is not so suitable for you if you have a rather weak donor area. It can also be permanent if you follow your doctor’s instructions.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant is the newest transplant technique. The Stem Cell Technique aims to reactivate your hair growth by using your own stem cells taken from your body. The biggest advantage of the Stem Cell Technique is that it can treat full baldness. For other techniques, the patient must have a good donor area. However, in the Stem Cell Technique, the doctor can harvest the stem cells from any part of the body and can use them to activate the hair follicles. However, unfortunately, Stem Cell treatment may not work all the time also it may require re-transplantation later.

Hair Transplant operations are now easier than ever with the newest techniques. We cannot say one technique is better than the other because it mostly depends on the patient’s condition. After the doctor’s examination, the doctor sees the patient’s options on having a Hair Transplant depending on the donor area and other factors. To see which technique is the best for you, do not wait any longer and contact our experts in Turkeyana Clinic for a free consultation.