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Body Aesthetics

When it comes to body aesthetics, all aesthetics other than face come to mind. It is generally the most preferred breast aesthetics and fat removal aesthetics in body aesthetics. It is quite natural for everyone to have aesthetics for the region where they are disturbed. Some of them have an aesthetic process because of the large size of their breasts and the removal of the fat in the abdominal region. The most important reason that disrupts body aesthetics is excessive weight gain and loss. Pregnancy is an important reason that affects this situation. Gaining weight during pregnancy and losing those weight after birth can cause distortions in some places. Necessary operations can be performed according to sagging and cracks occurring in the body.


How Is Body Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Surgeries performed for body aesthetics are also determined by the doctor, the region where the fat will be removed. During the examination, this is decided as a result of radiological images. The necessary lines are created correctly to avoid any traces of caesarean. This process, especially in sagging and cracked areas, is stretched during the operation. Excessive fat will be removed by applying liposuction. The process will be done in a short time since there will be no seams left. Generally, body aesthetics are performed on the same day and they are discharged from the hospital. After the operation, the areas where the surgery is performed should be taken into consideration upon the advice of the doctor. It is also not recommended to do sports and diet for a long time. Since this condition will tire the body, it is more convenient to do it after a certain time. If you have any discomfort, you should definitely inform the doctor about this. The doctor will apply a program to you accordingly.



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Many people prefer liposuction to remove destructive fat deposits that cannot be broken down naturally despite regular exercise and a balanced diet. With body sculpting treatments, like liposuction, unwanted fat deposits are reduced, so that the relevant parts of the body are specially shaped.


Due to its position in the middle of the face, our nose is an important aesthetic element of the face. People who are dissatisfied with their appearance and who believe that the size and breathing problems are perceived as disturbing, or who believe that they need to be corrected and who want to feel good, frequently apply to the clinics to have a rhinoplasty today.

How rhinoplasty surgery ?

Asymmetries, humpbacks, long noses, or small distorted details on the nose tip draw attention and significantly affect the person’s appearance. Specialist doctors offer you a variety of different surgical and non-surgical methods to correct your nose. In addition to the general anesthetic surgical rhinoplasty, where functional disorders and large asymmetries can be permanently removed, modern aesthetics also offer injections with the active ingredient hyaluron, naturally occurring in the body. In this way, the best asymmetric ratios can be treated in a targeted way to make your face more attractive without the risk of surgery. To give a new shape to your nose, your specialist works best, ensuring that no scars are seen after the operation. Using tools, it can remove the bony and cartilaginous parts of the nose bumps or fill a saddle nose. The tip of the nose can be raised. In addition to personal tastes, limited nasal breathing is corrected in these operations.

Face Aesthetics

Today, societies have become more important to appearances. The value and care they give to their face and body has increased. For this reason, new aesthetic methods that have emerged are of great interest. Facial aesthetics emerges as the most popular type of aesthetics. When it comes to facial aesthetics, it is known as removal of sagging and wrinkles that occur in deformed skin over the years. But with more than one type, facial aesthetics changes the appearance of people.

Due to the living conditions of people, the sunlight they are exposed to, their diet and harmful habits, wrinkles and sagging occur at certain rates in the older age. Those who are uncomfortable with this situation apply to the application of facial aesthetics. It is possible to look younger with the method that is made by a good specialist doctor and is most suitable for the structure of the face.

Spider Web Process in Face Aesthetics

In the cobweb technique, which is one of the methods of facial aesthetics, temporary effects and threads are used with needles. Skin regeneration occurs as a result of collagen and fibroblast production. With this intervention, a nice looking face is achieved. In addition, the patient does not feel pain or pain during the procedure. He can return to his normal life within a few hours. In addition to happy looks and smiling faces, it is much easier to look younger today.

Liquid Liquid Face Lift Process in Face Aesthetics


The method that adds volume to these areas applied in the cheekbones line and temple areas is called liquid liquid face lift. Filling process is applied to the relevant region in order to recover the old volumes. With this method, which has a permanence of 18 months, a tense and young appearance is provided without feeling pain.

Breast Aesthetics

Breast aesthetics is also known as breast augmentation and contraction. It is a breast aesthetic operation that women apply for sagging breasts that occur after child breastfeeding periods. Many women do not have enough information about breast aesthetics. For this reason, problems that are difficult to return arise after incorrect interventions. Prostheses that retain their shape are used in breast augmentation. These prostheses eliminate problems such as silicone leakage. With these new applications implemented in recent years, the previous problems in silicones have been solved. In addition, continuous developments in medicine have made breast aesthetic operations simpler as in all areas.


What are the points to be considered in chest aesthetics?

Chest aesthetics play an important role in the appearance of the breast, which is unpleasant after birth or due to the general structure. But the content of the operation and the place where it is performed has great importance. Therefore, the points to be considered before chest aesthetics;

  • The experience and success of the doctor who will perform the application,
  • The hospital where the operation will be carried out is full-fledged,
  • Getting detailed information about the result to be obtained after the application,
  • Using silicones for 10 years after the procedure,
  • It is not necessary to have mammography before breast aesthetics,
  • The size of the material to be used and the shape of the breast can be listed as the decision of the doctor and the patient.

Things to Know About Chest Aesthetics

  • There is no need to replace the prostheses without being deformed due to the warranty.

  • Breast aesthetics does not cause cancer.

  • Does the shape of the prosthesis drop? Is it round? It should be decided according to the breast and rib cage

  • Breast aesthetic operations take approximately 2 hours. If the doctor deems appropriate, he is discharged on the same day.

  • There is no trace in the breast enlargement operation or in the reduction operation.

  • For long-term trouble-free use, the patient must choose a quality prosthesis.

  • Edema may be about 4 weeks after the operation. In a few days, normal life can be restored.

  • Prostheses with FDA approval in breast aesthetics should be used.