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Although health is a very important phenomenon for everyone at every age, sometimes unexpected health problems can arise at any time. Oral and dental health problems are among the most common problems that everyone is afraid of. People are afraid to sit in the dentist chair, but today there is a very modern and unambiguous dental practice in the dental office.

What are the dental treatments performed?

  • Tooth Extraction: It is an application when dentists are not able to get rid of teeth in dental centers.
  • Tooth Filling: It is a method that prevents tooth extraction by filling the teeth that cannot be recovered with a special material.
  • Treatment of Gingival Diseases: Many people can have many problems, especially gum recession, bleeding gums and appropriate treatment is applied in these cases.
  • Implant: It is inserted into the mouth with a special method as a dental application alone.

  • Orthodontic Treatments: It is the method applied for the problems seen in the dental structure inside the mouth.

  • Prosthesis: Replacing one’s own teeth with dentures.

  • Coating: It is an application frequently applied in dental treatments.

  • Canal Treatment: It is a method that continues as a treatment of nerve endings and subsequent tooth filling in carious teeth.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Doctor and Dental Center

After giving this information about general dental applications, there are two basic options for people to have these applications. The first of these is to go for free treatment in public hospitals. Another option is to go to private dentists or related dental centers. The main point to be considered here is the hygiene and cleaning quality of the destination. The thread is extremely sensitive. Even the best quality treatment in an unclean place will involve risks. In addition to this, each dentistry requires expertise in the field of dentistry, in any field, it is necessary to go to the appropriate dentist. References must be reviewed.



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Implant applications

  1. Dental implants are artificial dental roots, usually prepared from titanium or titanium compounds, to replace missing teeth in the mouth.
  2. Titanium is preferred as an implant material since it does not interact with body tissues and is a material resistant to forces. Implants can be placed in cavities formed by previously lost teeth or in the dental cavity immediately after extraction if there is no serious infection. The main purpose of the implant application is to make usable teeth on it.
  3. Implants are placed in the jaw bone with a simple operation when the bone is sufficient and suitable for making fixed or movable prostheses. If the amount and density of the bone is not at the desired level, it may be necessary to perform bone formation procedures before the implant application.
  4. After the implant is applied, it is waited for an average of 3 months and then the prosthesis stage is started. However, this period can be reduced up to 6 weeks with special production implants used in our polyclinic. In cases where there is insufficient bone using bone powder, the time may increase a little more in cases where bone formation operations and implants are applied.
  5. With the state-of-the-art imaging device “Sirona Orthophos XG 3D”, your 3D tomography is taken, a detailed examination is made by our jaw surgeon and your implant planning is removed. Critical factors such as bone structure, age, condition of existing teeth, sinus distances, medications used are taken into account while implant planning.

Dental Aesthetics

In order to give information about dental aesthetics, it is necessary to first explain about aesthetics. However, no definition has been found on aesthetics where everyone is united. The word “aesthetic” is thought to come from the words “aisthesis” or “aisthanestathai”, which includes the meaning of Greek, senses, sensation, perception, emotion and perception. For aesthetics, it would not be wrong to say emotion science. A meaning of aesthetics is also beautiful.

Although there is no doubt that the history of aesthetics is identical with the history of humanity, it is accepted that the founder of aesthetics as science is Alexsander G. Baumgarten (1714-1762). According to him, aesthetics is the twin brother of logic, or logic of sensory information. The conclusion drawn from the theoretical basis of aesthetics is that aesthetics is a necessity of logic, not a luxury.

For some, aesthetics itself is the most basic concept for others. People have attached great importance to aesthetics and aesthetic values ​​in themselves and their environment since their existence.

The smile design is the foremost element of the aesthetic concept. Therefore, aesthetic dentistry focuses on smile. The smile design means more than designing the teeth. It aims to capture the most beautiful smile. The smile varies according to age. Therefore, it is necessary to capture an aesthetic smile according to age. Teeth are important in smile design, however, only teeth are not considered. In aesthetic dentistry applications; Planning is made by considering criteria such as nose, face, cheek, chin, lips, skin color and age.

With aesthetic dentistry practices, the shape of the teeth, however, the person’s smile and the expression on the face can be changed or changed. If the smile adds a negative effect to the person due to the health or shape of the teeth, the shape of the face, the smile and the impression that the person leaves to the opposite side become positive

Aesthetic dentistry can be applied to anyone who is not satisfied with their smile or who expects a different, more aesthetic, more beautiful smile.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are a treatment method preferred by our patients who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth and who have partial dentures, to ensure the aesthetic harmony of their teeth with their new teeth. It can be applied in two different ways at home or in the clinic. Applied in home bleaching method, bleaching gel is applied as shown, applied 4-6 hours a day and treatment is continued for 6 days. Clinical practice is a method that lasts 60 to 75 minutes and ends in a single session. It is generally the preferred method as it results in faster results. Teeth whitening can be applied in superficial colorings ranging from medium yellow-brown coloration to light gray depending on drug use, cigarette, coffee or tea consumption. In patients with tooth sensitivity, in the presence of microcracks, it should be a risky application in very young and periapical disease teeth.

What are the teeth whitening methods?

Power Bleaching performed within an hour in the office environment; It is the fastest, reliable and effective bleaching system consisting of bleaching gel and light, which can lighten the tooth color 3-4 tones in a short time.

Teeth whitening at home (Home Bleaching); It is a bleaching process made by putting gels in plastic mouthpieces which are tailor-made with a simple measurement taken by mouth. Desired whitening is provided in an average of 5-7 days. It needs to be worn for 4-8 hours a day (may vary depending on color and gel).

Can anyone have teeth whitening?

Anyone who does not have any dental and gum disease impediment to the procedure can get teeth whitening treatment, but a dentist examination should be done before whitening. Those who have advanced caries and gum disease in their mouth should have the whitening process applied after they have been treated by their ph